Cotto natur ambiente

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Cotto natur ambiente

All this and more combines series of warm earthy appearance. They are suitable for indoor areas such as: living rooms, stairways, basements and for outdoor: terraces, balconies, wall claddings and other.
Each series several different dimensions, its corresponding stair system and skirtings. Slip resistant: valuation group R9 to R12/B anti-slip, so there are also suitable for pool surroundings.
They are easy to clean and maintain, frostproof, light-fast and resistant to UV radiation.

You can find series Naturkeramik, Goldline, Historia on a direct connection with the supplier under »Tech+Design«

Piazza – ceramic paving stone, thickness 4 cm three different dimension: 15 x 15, 22 x 15 in 30 x 15.
Laying: first you have to have an antifreezing and base layer, and then you put Buchtal Piazza on 3-5cm of stone chip bed

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Natural Ceramics



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